Nina Motivates


Children in today's society not only battle with "normal" societal issues, They also battle with being bullied, teased and put down for being "different!" 

Some "differences" are not even "different." You could be taller than the next person, or smaller. You could be darker, or lighter. It could just be "normal" differences based on your natural environment. However, youth today find any and everything to tease another child about.

Nina Motivates was born with a very visible physical difference, having only four fingers (no thumbs) on both hands. She was teased, talked about, picked on and yes BULLIED! Nina knows exactly what these children deal with today. Now that social media is at an all time high, children are attacked in and out of social.

Nina is focused on doing her part to put a stop to low self-worth in our youth based on what others say or do. Nina has launched "Dare 2 Be Different" which is a speaking campaign where Nina is dedicated to speaking to youth all over the world about loving yourself just the way you are!

​Nina is available to travel to your church, school, organization and even children birthday gatherings to speak life. She uses props and tools to show youth how being "different" is the new COOL! Love you just the way you are!

Nina quotes "My Difference Makes A Difference!" Let's help make youth love the skin they are in!

"Today's youth only know high-speed internet and twitter-sized sound bites. It's extremely important for those who work with young people to build rapport and connect quickly; otherwise they will be tuned out. I have witnessed Nina Motivates work with youth gathered from around the country on a variety of occasions and each time her charm and charisma has lead to an immediate connection. Well after her sessions are over the youth tend to stick around to talk to her personally.” Dr. Kevin Early, Senior Pastor of Metropolitan Church of God, Detroit, MI

“You express genuine concern; and the youth responds. What I like most about your approach, is your message about embracing your difference. So many youth struggle with fitting in. You inspire them to stand out.” Valante Grant, The ByDesign Network

 “I found your speaking to be not only age appropriate but emotionally relevant to a diverse group.” Catherine Jonson