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The Struggle Was Real is a book for singles men and women. Singles struggle being single at times. This book is an instruction manual for living single! There is personal struggles discussed followed by ways to overcome the struggle and prepare.

Choices are made everyday by not only youth, but adults as well. There isn't often classes that teach us how to make good choices. This book is a five week guide to assisting youth with making good choices. If they learn early, it can help them later in life.

Millions of thoughts come across our minds daily. Unless we work hard at building a positive mindset, many of our thoughts are negative. It takes training and consistency for each individual to think positive thoughts every day on purpose. Changing Minds is a 21 day coaching book & workbook all in one to help you do just that. You can let go of negativity. You can be the most positive person in your circle. You can accomplish great things just by changing your mind. This book will show you how! 

Depression is something that creeps upon us no matter who we are. However, depression is something that we can conquer. We are victorious people and it is time for us to not only know it, but walk in it! This book is the steps to understanding that we control depression, depression does not control us. We have a choice and in choosing not to be depressed, we are choosing LIFE! 

Because I Love Me, is a realistic look at some real life experiences when dealing with unnecessary hurt, pain, strife and more when experiencing this thing they call “Love”. The author digs deep into the personal mistakes and more she encountered while learning to respect the power of love. This book is destined to help literally thousands of young girls and boys, while enhancing the lives of men and women around the world. The author was born with “Club Hands” and refused to accept the stereotypes associated with her condition and has proven to everyone she meets that she is not only a phenomenal professional inspirational speaker, business entrepreneur, actress and writer but that she can also love and be loved just like (if not better than) anyone else. Because I Love Me is a guide to assisting others in understanding the importance of learning to love YOU. 

Jr Lady in Waiting is a guide for girls. It teaches girls how to wait to grow up. Girls often rush to grow u but do not realize what being an "adult" is all about. Girls also need to be guided on how to be a young lady, learn about their hygiene, puberty and so much more. This book is power packed with information to help girls be girls and grow into beautiful young ladies. 

In my first book, Because I Love Me, I told all my business and showed how lost I was in the world when it came to dating. Then I proved that you can recover from unhealthy relationships, because I did. It has been a while since I have tried to date or showed interest in a man. I thought by now I would be ready for marriage, or be married. I have been sitting around waiting on God to send me my husband. I did not realize God was still molding me and that I was missing a piece of Him. An intimate relationship that I have yet to experience. It is true intimacy with God that truly prepares us for all the things He has for us, especially for a marriage that is rooted and grounded in Him! God must be the third string in a marriage. It stars with Him being the first string during the waiting period. “For The Lady In Waiting: Becoming Completely Intimate with God” is a book that takes you on the journey to developing true and lasting intimacy with God! It teaches you how to allow God to be active in every part of your life and ultimately in your marriage.